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Long hot summer in the shop....thanks to all who continue to support the "sisson street project" ... See MoreSee Less

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Long hot summer...glad we installed A/C last year..... Gotta keep
Winnie happy... Sisson street auto continues to thrive in the greatest neighborhood....
Woodberry...everyone continues to be so welcoming and supportive of what we are doing here,many thanks to all of my loyal clients you are truly the best !!!
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Getting big.... Miss Winnie continues to be the heartbeat of sisson street automotive ... See MoreSee Less

Hey everyone.... Whew.. We made it through what seemed like " the winter that wouldnt end" thanx to all of you ! Without all of your support, loyalty and most important... Your trust...we could have never flourished like we did... Though the new shop
is much smaller than the Sisson Street shop, it now feels like home. All of the very kind and complementary reviews here, yelp, car talk... Everyone of them has touched Winnie and I and lets us know that we are doing right by our clients.... I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that we will always believe that we are not doing you any favors by servicing your cars.... Its actually quite the opposite.... You are the ones doing us the favor by allowing Winnie and I to be of service.... Feeling very grateful to be here on 41 st street knowing that you are continuing to show us such love... Enough of that... Springs kicking in and its time to get your rides in
and serviced up for the coming spring driving season... Winnie can
hardly wait to greet you, sniff your tires and show you some old fashioned "ridgeback love"
Call for your appointment soon and I will be looking forward to seeing each and every one of you !!
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Welcome,and thank you for allowing Sisson Street Auto to service your car.I founded Sisson street in 2001 with a simple Mission....Provide my clients with a unparraleld level of service...with strict attention paid to detail at a fair price along with a strong commitment to giving back to the community.
Sisson Street Automotive..through your support and loyalty is dedicated to our community...for every 100 dollars spent at Sisson Street we will donate 1 dollar to a local non profit.We have decided to change up our commitment annually,meaning,1 year a environmental non profit...the next year a animal rescue...the following year a recovery house...etc...etc...etc..It is through these avenues that Sisson Street strives to donate a higher percentage of sales to the community than any other business.Baltimore has a Miriad of Diverse Buissness...for every 100 dollars spent localy,45 dollars goes back into the community...or our local tax base.Compare this to a national "big box" Chain and only 14 dollars comes back to the community....and most likle 0 dollars for a "on line " purchase.Local non profits recive 350% more support from local business compared to national chains.....Lastly....shopping local is what makes B-Town so charmingour city and surrounding areas enjoy all kinds of cool,funky and Eclectic restaurants,bars and shops....these business contribute to the overall character and vibe of Baltimore Maryland....So keep the character and vibe of B-town moving.....spend local !
Revised mission
After 13 years in business...Fire and all....Nina and I have revised our Mission.....slightly....Our goal has always been...and will continue to be...to have our clients experience just how genuine and different a auto service experience can and should be....more so than what the publics general perception has been.....You our Client deserve the very best...most honest service...and I will go to extreme lengths to assure that everyone of you has that experience.....I belive that you.....my much valued client.....are the most important component of our business....and the most important piece of the Sisson Street puzzle...I have always,and will continue to feel that I am not doing you any favor by working on your car....that in fact it is you who is doing us the favor and good turn by choosing our shop to have your car service at....This is the foundation...the "bricks and mortar" of Sisson Street Automotive....thank you...one and all !!!
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Ok....well here I am,The last few hours in the shop until Nina and I take off for the "great white north"....Alaska... Denali national park...then cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver...a much needed and long overdue vacation for both of us....the shop will re open on Wedensday the 20th in case of a automotive emergency you can call 410/235/6660,ask for David,Ken or Amir,they will be able to assist until I return....To all my friends and Clients ( I am a lucky guy...most of my clients are friends....and most clients become friends !) I say A heartfelt...THANK YOU!! without all the support,kindness,loyalty and trust there would be no Sisson street automotive....GRATEFUL ?? You bet I am !! Look for some breath taking photos from our trip soon...I am getting the hang of this face book...social media thing....look out ! I will leave this series of photos taken by the very talented Anne Lord...Winnie...8 weeks old...Winnie is off to "Boot camp",Premier with Rick and Jess..for some advanced obedience training ... See MoreSee Less

This was my 1956 triumph TR 3 Stunning car to look at......P.O.S. to drive over 50mph,,,,fun car to build though....1 st place trophy....first time out....do not miss this car ... See MoreSee Less

6 years ago

Sisson Street Automotive

Here are photos from the first re union with Winnie and her momma Maua, it took only 5 minutes for them to recognize each other and then the "love" was on, It was so cool to see the "mom" take over and continue to groom, reprimand and otherwise do all the stuff a mom would do with her little one and Winnie did everything you would expect a kid to do to annoy her mom....it was so heartwarming to see the two re connect and enjoy each other so much. Winnie is going to be as big and beautiful as her momma...125lbs...My big girl...Next time you stop in we will have hopefully stopped the jumping up on people thing, Stay tuned for the continuing story of "Miss Winnie" ... See MoreSee Less

6 years ago

Sisson Street Automotive

The photos of Maua are a good representation as to how Winnie will look when full grown...Winnie is from two African ridgebacks her mom and dad were born in Johannesburg and Botswana, These African dogs tend to much larger than the American conformation ridgebacks, this is our first ridgeback that is of direct African decent, we have been raising ridgebacks for 30 years and Winnie is by far the biggest girl yet!! Winnie is the heartbeat of the new Sisson street shop, we hope you enjoy stopping in and visiting with our new girl....she will love to see you !! ... See MoreSee Less

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We have added parking near the deck out back.  Park on the east side of the building for any drop offs to the building.  Our spots are clearly marked!

Motorcycle Restorations

It’s been busy here at the shop!  Over the winter and summer Jeff’s been hard at work on his side hobby; restoring cycles, including the 1969 R69/S US Model BMW that was almost lost in the fire, talk about Read more…

Winnie is here!

My newest shop pup is here.  When you stop on by don’t forget to say hello to Winnie.  We love seeing your faces new and old!